evelyne photo Christian gustafsson

Evelyne at Blomstermåla Folketshus

Live music is back! And what a show Evelyne put on, both with already released songs and some new material. The online webzine and music blog Rockfarbror was there and wrote about the show and you can read the article here.

One sentence we really got hooked up with was this one (in Swedish):
-“Visst är det en upplevelse att få se stora band på de stora scenerna, men att få chansen att se ”up and coming”-band på mindre scener och med intima spelningar har sin charm – och det är oftast de som man minns bäst 20 år senare.”

And we totally agree Thomas, up and coming acts are the ones that stick in your memory for a long time! That’s why we love our work, even more, to have the opportunity to work with so talented acts, often, early in their careers and see their development over time!


Photo: Christian Gustafsson