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  • Lovisa Niklasson debut EP is out!

    The day is finally here, the day of Lovisa Niklassons EP release. This is what Lovisa herself wrote about the EP: “It’s about what hurts so much, getting your worldview shattered and seeing your dreams shattered right in front of your eyes. It has grown out of many tears and laughter, much faith and doubt. I really wish I had something better to write about than heartache, but sometimes life does not go the way you planned and then a cliché about broken love can be just the best thing there is.” Listen to the EP here and put the song on your playlists this sunny Wednesday! Cover photo: Alice Ekelund

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  • Namelle – Nothing Makes Sense

    It’s the first single from Namelle´s upcoming EP and her first release together with her record label Loudkult This is what Namelle wrote about the song on her social media: -“Seven Kelvin (Adam Olofsson & Viktor Söderholm) and I sat down with the guitar and wrote this at my balcony, an evening in July when I was a wreck of emotions. I fell in love with the song, even more, when I heard the final production. Thanks to all of you who’s been a part of the journey so far – let’s do this!” Listen to the song here! Photo: Alma Bjellerup

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  • Dimpker Brothers on Dutch Television

    Dimpker Brothers made their TV debut this weekend on the national Dutch TV called NPO and about 1.4 million people watched it! Another program is coming up but you can watch the first episode here. This is the outline for the program: The three friends Nick, Simon, and Kees travel to Sweden, the homeland of ABBA, and they stay over at Benny Andersson’s hotel in Stockholm. They are looking for two female voices who can play the roles of Agnetha and Frida during the final musical session. Then they travel on to Västervik, the birthplace of Björn, where he also runs a hotel with his daughter. Västervik is a breeding ground for many Swedish musicians and they meet up with singer-songwriter duo the Dimpker Brothers. Photo: Teodor Mattsson

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  • Voting has started for P4 Nästa

    Now it’s time to put your vote on your favorite artists In P4 Nästa Kalmar! We have Emanuel Boigs, Ida Gratte, Vionavega, and Leo Hertzberg from our roaster and Clara Rubensson from Oskarshamn that you can choose from. The listeners have half of the power and the judges the rest, so make sure to send a text to the one that you wish will win! Finalist 1: Drömmare – Emanuel Boigs (voting code: låt1) Finalist 2: Delirious – Vionavega (voting code: låt2) Finalist 3: Irreplaceable – Clara Rubensson (voting code: låt3) Finalist 4: Sanden – Leo Hertzberg (voting code: låt4) Finalist 5: Om du bor kvar – Ida Gratte (voting code: låt5) Vote for your favorite NOW here! Photo from top left: Enamuel Boigs – Jacob Meijer, Vionavega – Oskar Bergman, Ida Gratte – Margaux Souchon, Leo Hertzberg – Anna Hertzberg Holgersson

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