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  • Ida Gratte – Visor Inga Ord

    The main track from the upcoming album “Visor Inga Ord” from Ida Gratte is out there! And the single is called just that, “Visor Inga Ord”, listen to the single here. Here is a text that Ida wrote about the song (in Swedish): “Min kärlek till musiken och livescenerna kanske är inte så sund. Den tar över hela mitt liv. Den har förstört en hel del kärleksrelationer genom mitt liv, men den har också hjälp mig till att våga drömma, förändra och leva min dröm. Jag vet inte vem jag hade varit utan den. Här kommer min singel om varför jag är singel helt enkelt. Och det kommer jag vara tills den dagen jag blir galen i någon som blir galen i mig för den galning jag är. Jag vill ha visor inga ord” Make sure to mark your calendar with November 3rd if you want to hear the full album at Scala Källaren in Stockholm, here is a link to the Facebook event.   Photo: Margaux Souchon

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  • Evelyne at Blomstermåla Folketshus

    Live music is back! And what a show Evelyne put on, both with already released songs and some new material. The online webzine and music blog Rockfarbror was there and wrote about the show and you can read the article here. One sentence we really got hooked up with was this one (in Swedish): -“Visst är det en upplevelse att få se stora band på de stora scenerna, men att få chansen att se ”up and coming”-band på mindre scener och med intima spelningar har sin charm – och det är oftast de som man minns bäst 20 år senare.” And we totally agree Thomas, up and coming acts are the ones that stick in your memory for a long time! That’s why we love our work, even more, to have the opportunity to work with so talented acts, often, early in their careers and see their development over time!   Photo: Christian Gustafsson

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  • Talentcoach – the team

    Wow, we really have a great team and amazing artists that we are working with, here is a short video of all of us! Happy Friday!   Video made by: Michael Tiedtke

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  • Ida Gratte – Bara En Gång Till

    It’s Friday and that means new music! This weekend you can listen to Ida Gratte´s latest single release, it’s called “Bara En Gång Till” and is another track from her upcoming album. And if you want to celebrate the release of Ida´s album join her and us at this event at Scalakällaren on November 3rd in Stockholm. You will also see another one of our talents perform this night, Lovisa Niklasson!   Photo: Margaux Souchon

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  • Mollie Minott
  • Namelle
  • Adriana Gimolli
  • Dimpker Brothers
  • Calm Rites

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