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  • Digital Workshops is back!

    BD Pop, Dalapop and Talentcoach continue with their appreciated workshops and now offer three new digital workshops for the music industry in the counties of Norrbotten, Dalarna and Kalmar.
    The dates and topics are:
    18th of March – Song Production (hosted by BD pop)
    25th of March – Future Songwriting (hosted by Talentcoach & Adée)
    8th of April – TV/Radio/Press (hosted by Dalapop)
    Since we can not meet physically, it opens up for a great digital collaboration between the regions where we can increase the knowledge of the actors associated with the three organizations.
    Each organization will host a digital workshop (held at Zoom) and is open to anyone who works closely with the organizations. All workshops are free. When you register, you will receive a link to the meeting.
    Register here

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  • “Phantom Pain” music video is out!

    Yesterday Rave The Reqviem released an official music video for a song from their last released album “Stigmata Itch”. The song that got a video is “Phantom Pain” and you can watch the music video at the link below! Photo: Borrowed from RTR FB page. “Phantom Pain” on Youtube

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  • Mollie Minott – False Alarm

    On March 5th Mollie Minott is releasing her next single and its called “False Alarm”. The single also comes with a music video that will be released some time after the song. So a few weeks back Mollie travelled back to Oskarshamn and recorded the upcoming music video together with Michael Tiedtke. We can’t wait for the result! Photo: Cover

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  • Lovisa Niklasson – Skyttegravar

    Debut single coming up! Lovisa Niklasson, an youth female artist from the south of Öland, will release her debut single on the 19th of March. The song is called “Skyttegravar” and there is more to come from Lovisa so make sure to keep an eye on her! Coverphoto: Alice Ekelund

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  • Mollie Minott
  • Namelle
  • Adriana Gimolli
  • Dimpker Brothers
  • Calm Rites

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