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Last week to apply!

Last week to apply!

Taletcoach with friends is organizing a songwriting camp on July 10th-11th in the heart of Västervik, just before Visfestivalen starts

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Rave the Reqviem at Greenfield Festival (CH)

Rave the Reqviem at Greenfield Festival (CH)

The weekend has already passed by and Rave the Reqviem has been on the road again, this time in Schweiz at the Greenfield festival.

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Mollie Minott, Namelle & The Dimpker Brothers all together

Mollie Minott, Namelle & The Dimpker Brothers all together

This year, week 30 is a special summer week when Oskarshamn and the whole county will be visited by orienteers in connection with O-Ringen

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Singer & Songwriter Camp

Singer & Songwriter Camp, Västervik 2024

Apply to Singer & Songwriter Camp

Västervik 2024

During the intense Visfestival week in beautiful Västervik, you as a songwriter can participate in a two-day songwriting camp right in the heart of the city. The camp is aimed at those who have written music before, but does not necessarily have to be a full-time profession.

We would like to see a mix of local and visiting songwriters with different backgrounds and experiences, so that you as a participant can get the most out of the camp and broaden your horizons. Unleash your creativity and be inspired by the archipelago, the music of Västervik and other musicians. You have the opportunity to meet some more experienced artists as well as tutors and experts from Talentcoach, among others. If you would like to perform, there is also an opportunity to do this through this collaboration later during the Visfestival week.

WHEN: July 10th-11th

WHERE: Västervik

We welcome your application with a work sample, CV or similar. Selection will be made on an ongoing basis but the last day to submit your contribution is June 23rd.

Contact: Thomas Karlsson

This event is a collaboration between Make Music Matter!, Visfestivalen Västervik, Västervik Framåt, Musik Föreningen I Västervik, Västervik kommun, STIM & Talentcoach. 

  • Mollie Minott photo Elaine Lilje
  • namelle photo agnes strand
  • Dimpker Brothers photo karl hovis hovmark
  • rave the reqviem photo eleonore book
  • ida gratte photo Margaux souchon
  • adee photo Isabelle bringert
  • AmenA
  • Norrgård photo press

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