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About us – Talentcoach


We give artists, producers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and creatives within the music business the tools to build a sustainable career within music. This is done by giving industry support and training in everything from copyright management and entrepreneurial skills to performance support and personal development.

Over the years Talentcoach has had acts performing all over the world, and been signed both nationally and internationally. 

Talentcoach started in 2011 and is a regional and municipality-funded program, with main funders Länsmusiken in Kalmar County, and the Kalmar region. We also get financial support from the municipalities of Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Kalmar, Mönsterås, Mörbylånga, Oskarshamn, Torsås, Vimmerby, and Västervik. 

Talentcoach is the host of Baltic Sessions, a festival and industry event from the southeast coast of Sweden.

Talentcoach is a program that identifies, develops and facilitates opportunities for up and coming artists, producers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and creatives within the music business in the Kalmar Region.

Meet the Crew

Bosse Nikolausson

Bosse Nikolausson

Bo’s background is both as a musician and songwriter releasing music that has been on the top 10 charts in Sweden, getting (a lot of) radio attention especially in North America and touring all over the world in the band Charizma. Charizma has been around since the early 80’s and is now on a break! He has also a background doing artist development, starting festivals and musichouses, putting up gigs and other events through the study associasions in Sweden and was for a few years the operation manager for TBV’s music department in the south of Sweden.

Bo has been involved in Talentcoach since the beginning of the program and is now the operation manager. He has also been involved in the songwriting program & the Music Production courses at Linneaus University.

Thomas TK Karlsson

Thomas TK Karlsson

Thomas has been involved with music for pretty his whole professional life. Starting out playing in bands where he would sing, play guitar and write songs he changed his focus and started working with labels and PR in th 00’s. While doing this he also started working as a song writer in the pop field, also obtaining knowledge in music publishing, and in the last decade he has written for an international market with chart topping hits on several markets.

In Talentcoach Thomas focuses on artist and musical development and project consulting. With a masters degree in marketing and a long experience from working both sides of the music business, i.e artis and label, this works out as a great fit.

Sara Westerberg Talentcoach Fotograf Sara Jonasson

Sara Westerberg

Sara is passionate about organizing, music, and events and works as the Operations Assistant for Talentcoach.  She is also the project manager for the festival Baltic Sessions and is also on the board of Småland Live.

Sara’s journey in the music industry started in 2011 when she started to study Music & Event Management at Linnaeus University and she has since then worked on various projects in the music, sports, and event industry. 

Fotocred: Sara Jonasson
Mark Bounds

Mark Bounds

Mark’s background is in record company A&R, beginning at Sony UK in the 90s, working with Roger Sanchez, The Crystal Method, Satoshi Tomiie and Puretone, before setting up an A&R consultancy and consulting to Sony Europe, Sony Japan, BMG Australia, The Voice UK and Jeepster Recordings, to name a few.

Mark is as happy working with electronic artists as he is with guitar bands and acoustic artists, for him it is all about performance development and helping artists maximize their potential, whatever their field.

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