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  • Namelle got new merchandice!

    Namelle recently dropped her new merchandise collection, make sure to buy your favourite today before they run out of stock! Perfect for those Swedish summer days, buy it here. And make sure to keep listening to Namelles self-titled EP, link here to Spotify.   Photo: Borrowed from Namelles FB page

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  • Summer tour with the Dimpker Brothers

    This summer you can catch The Dimpker Brothers live when they go out on a Swedish tour together with UK based Our Man In The Field.  Make sure to mark your calendars with the following dates: Åland 23rd of July Stockholm 24 of July Uppsala 27 of July Öland 28th of July Kristianstad 30th of July Höganäs 31st of July Varberg 1st ao August Kalmar 4th of August Smultronboda 5th of August Hultsfred 6th & 7th of August Photo: Teodor Mattsson

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  • Max Jeansson official music video

    The official music video for Max Jeansson’s latest single is here! Its made by the talented Michael Tiedkte and the video is so good! Make sure to watch it right away if you haven’t already, here is the link to Max YouTube channel.   Photo: Emilia Christiansson

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  • Starur – Pieces

    Another single from Starur is out on friday the 2nd of July and its called “Pieces”. The song is according to Starur herself very much alive in its honesty and destructivity. With the light summer as a scenery, she lets out a darkness that may hurt, yet still needs to be sung. In the late summer, an EP will be released. The songs that are now let out, are only the beginning of the journey Starur finally dares and loves to make.   Photo: Private

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