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  • Lovisa Niklasson live at Carlas Café

    This weekend its time for Lovisa Niklasson to enter the stages on Öland again, first in Mörbylånga when they celebrate their two-hundred birthday (one year late because of the pandemic) and then a live gig at Carlas Café Näsby at 7 pm. Buy your tickets here to the event at Carlas. And listen to Lovisas EP before you see her live, you will thank us later!   Photo: Mikaela Lindholm

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  • Ida Gratte – Törstig

    And it’s time for the next release from Ida Gratte this Friday, the 3rd of September. This single is also one of the tracks on the upcoming album, and the name is “Törstig”. Pre-save the song here.   Photo: Margaux Souchon

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  • Live at Heart Örebro

    We are going to the first (in a long time) showcase festival this weekend! It’s time for one of Scandinavians biggest showcase festivals, Live at Heart Örebro between the 1st-4th of September. It will be a smaller festival than it usually is, both the music business conferences and the live music acts. The Talentcoach team is going to be there to mingle with the invited music industry professionals and also watch some live music. We are also representing a few acts over the weekend, T & the Rex, Vionavega, Miss Sister and the Dimpker Brothers. You can see the full schedule here. Hope to meet some of you there!

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  • Adée arranged sold out festival

    In the beginning of August Adée arranged a one-day festival and inviting her friends to perform in her Mothers garden. It turned into a sold-out event with Viona Vega, Adée herself and ”The Hummingbird” Sofia Loell on stage. It was a magical day/evening and this is what Frida Lindström at Barometern wrote about it!
    Here is a video from the day of the festival as well!
    Photo: Mateo Lozano

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  • Mollie Minott
  • Namelle
  • Adriana Gimolli
  • Dimpker Brothers
  • Calm Rites

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