Mollie Minott

Mollie Minott

Photo: David Wall

Mollie Minott first won the hearts of Scandinavia in 2014’s Swedish Idol when performing as Mollie Lindén. “Mollie IS music” said jury member, Anders Bagge, songwriter and producer of Madonna, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and many more. The audience agreed and sent her all the way to the finals in Stockholm Globe Arena.

Among Kings and Queens

Photo: Svante Frykman

Among Kings and Queens – great rockband with a perfect blend of the new and the old…

Adriana Gimolli

Photo: Private

Adriana Gimolli is a 19 year old soul/rnb artist. As a one-year-old, she sang herself to sleep, as a nine-year-old published her first cover on Youtube and at the age of 12 she got her first piano and started writing her own songs. 

Calm Rites

Calm Rites

Photo: Elvira Sandell
Calm Rites is an indie rock band based in Kalmar, Sweden. The band is comprised of the four members John Jönsson (vocals & guitar), Sebastian Åsgårdh (vocals & bass guitar), Stefan Eriksson (drums) and Oliver Fallman (lead guitar).
ida gratte photo Margaux souchon

Ida Gratte

Photo: Margaux Souchon

Ida Gratte previously went by the artist name Miss Sister and toured around Sweden and Europe, but when the pandemic came, she found her love for the Swedish language. She spent her days and nights in the studio and wrote and produced her debut album “Visor inga ord”.



Photo: Mateo Lozano

Adée is a Swedish artist with a broad resume, from opening for Koffee last year to performing at Ongea festival in Nairobi. She spends a lot of her time collaborating with artists from the UK such as Vital, Call Me Unique and Thomas Seminar Ford and is growing her UK audience. 



Photo: Press

Tidvatten mixes rock riffs with catchy melodies, they originate from the city of Kalmar and they Love to play live…

rave the reqviem

Rave The Reqviem

Photo: Eleonore Book

Industrial metal pioneers with choruses that will bring you to your knees.

Dimpker Brothers

Dimpker Brothers

Photo: Teodor Mattsson

This folk rocking duo from Sweden is much more than a band, the Dimpker Brothers actually are brothers! It’s like they’ve got sixth sense tightness in their dynamics and beautiful vocal arrangements. 


Photo: Sebastian Ekberg

Namelle was born in Sweden and have, at the age of 23, already done hundreds of gigs and gone to several countries to write, record and perform. Her music are described as confident and sassy electro pop. 

Leo Hertzberg

Photo: Anna Hertzberg Holgersson
Young singer-songwriter from Öland writing and performing songs from the heart

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