Dimpker brothers photo karl hovis hovmark

Faster Gun – Dimpker Brothers

The Dimpker Brothers’ new single “Faster Gun” is a hazy mix of an old love affair, a stranglehold, the TV show The Sopranos and The Rolling Stones. It’s also now been announced that the brothers’ debut album “Deathless” will be released on October 7.

The Dimpker Brothers about “Faster Gun”:
“The song is partly about a blurry love affair that you desperately try to remember. Like when you wake up from a dream where you’ve been in love, you know the feeling was fully there, but can’t remember the details. All the contours have disappeared and maybe even the person it’s about.”

“But it also touches on another blurry night where a guy was strangling me at a party. Ten years later, I accidentally bought his guitar at a music store in Stockholm and wrote the song on that guitar,” says Martin Dimpker.

The song title itself is taken from the TV series The Sopranos. In which Mr Tony Soprano expressed “there’s always gonna be a faster gun”. A saying that stuck with the brothers along with the pun when the title is said in Swedish- Faster Gun!

Listen to the single on Spotify here.
Photo: Cover by Karl Hovis Hovmark

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