kalmar stadsfest 2024

Kalmar Stadsfest 2024

Carola, Medina and Smash Into Pieces, Lisa Ekdahl, Avantgardet and RIX FM Festival. These are some of the acts we will experience during Kalmar Stadsfest 2024, which takes place on August 8th-10th. Yesterday all artists and bands that will play at Larmtorget and Stortorget was released and we are happy to announce that we got 6 acts on the lineup!

All of them will perform at Larmtorget and these are the acts:
Thursday – Lowa Lundberg & Sabina Thurner
Friday – Sára Bokor & Settlers of Småland
Saturday – Tea & Elvira & Martin Lönegren

Read the full press release here.

Photo: Borrowed from Kalmar Stadsfest FB page