Amena Håkan Hellström photo private

AmenA & Håkan Hellström at Ullevi infront of almost 70.000

This Saturday we had the opportunity to do something extra special, we had the honor to have AmenA (Amena Alsameai) on stage with Håkan Hellström at Ullevi in front of almost 70.000 people in the audience. Håkan and his team contacted Amena earlier this summer and asked her if she wanted to do a song together with Håkan at one of his shows at (an almost sold out) Ullevi. The song they performed is called “Tro På Livet” and the audience was totally amazed by their performance together, and so are we!

One of us from the team got goosebumps and another one cried a little, so it was really special to us at Talentcoach as well who all were represented at the arena.

– “We couldn’t be more proud of AmenA than we are tonight, what a journey she’s made musically from the Swedish Idol to Ullevi.”

We now look forward to the upcoming work we have in front of us and AmenA together.
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