baltic sessions lineup

Baltic Sessions lineup

Between June 2nd-3rd, Talentcoach organizes the festival Baltic Sessions (formerly Live at Heart Southeast) at Clarion Collection Post in Oskarshamn where several local, regional and national acts will perform.

The festival runs for two days and there will be live music starting on Friday night where Oskarshamn’s indie pop queen T & the Rex will open the festival, we will also get to know the Nybro artist Ida Gratte, who recently (24/5) also released her single “Kan Vi Prata”. There will also be a performance by the Oskarshamn band Settlers of Småland who are well known in the city.

Saturday begins with a short conference for students, musicians and artists in the county where we have panelists from England, Germany and Sweden visiting. Saturday then ends with more live music at the hotel with, among others, Anamea from Dalarna (Dalapop) and Karl Oskar from Norrköping via our collaboration with Sensus.

You find the full schedule here, and you can also read more about the festival here.