Singer & Songwriter Camp, Västervik 2024

Last week to apply!

July 10th-11th, Taletcoach in collaboration with Västervik Framåt, Västervik municipality, Visfestivalen i Västervik, Musik föreningen i Västervik, Make Music Matter! and STIM are organizing a songwriting camp* in Västervik where songwriters from the municipality get the opportunity to collaborate with songwriters from different parts of the country. During two days, you get lectures on the music industry and copyright and the opportunity to meet artists / songwriters who have had songs in Eurovision, among other things. During the two days, you will also meet professional songwriters who will give feedback and suggestions on how the songs you are working on can be further developed. The idea is to make this songwriting camp a recurring event for the benefit of the next generation of music creators in the region – a chance to develop yourself while networking with creators from other regions. Applications close on June 23rd at midnight.

*A songwriting camp is a gathering of songwriters and music producers who meet to create music together. A camp can be focused on different music genres and/or specific events such as Melodifestivalen but also focused on writing for specific artists. A camp can be anything from one day to several weeks long. Some of the key aspects of a songwriting camp are as follows:

Groups – Participants work together in groups or pairs to write and produce new songs. This encourages creative collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Meetings – Songwriting camps offer an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other songwriters, producers, and sometimes even artists. This can lead to future collaborations and career opportunities.
Knowledge – There are often workshops, seminars and mentoring sessions where participants can learn more about songwriting, music production, and the music industry in general.
Creative frameworks – Setting timeframes and goals for songwriting creates a degree of positive competition, which can lead participants to push themselves and their limits.
The whole chain – for the organizer of a songwriting camp, it is important to make sure that there are different competences in each team. Someone who is good at chords, someone who is good at chords/arrangements, sometimes it’s also about having a producer in each team who can turn the composition into a recording.