live at heart southeast

Live at Heart Southeast

New showcase festival in the Kalmar region!

Nothing is the same in public life anymore and we are still not allowed to go to concerts. Despite this Talentcoach presents a new showcase festival called Live At Heart Southeast. A three-day digital festival with keynotes, showcases and panel discussions focusing on the next generation of artists, innovation and the future of creative industries.

The festival, which was supposed to make its debut on site in the three partner cities Hultsfred, Kalmar and Oskarshamn at the end of May, has now chosen to proceed with the festival, but the premiere will be all online content – distributed to the whole world.

“This is a project that has been in the making for a few years now and it feels great to finally be able to present it, even if the circumstances have completely changed since the start,”(..) “It was important for us to continue and think innovatively instead of canceling the festival. Culture and above all music is important and something we all miss. We can not sit and wait for better times without thinking long-term and what future events will look like.”, Bo Nikolausson Talentcoach.

Live at Heart Southeast is created together with Länsmusiken in Kalmar County, Talentcoach and the municipalities Hultsfred, Kalmar and Oskarshamn and in collaboration with the festival Live at Heart in Örebro which is part of The Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES). A showcase festival is a place for networking and a platform for music, discovery and learning. They combine live music, conferencing and networking for people in the music industry worldwide.

live at heart southeast