live torsdag oskarshamn

LIVE Thursdays in Oskarshamn

During five Thursday evenings this summer, the Summer Square in Oskarshamn will be filled with wonderful musical entertainment starting at 6pm and we have a few acts performing! The Sing-along leader Theresé Wahlgren Sundén and the house band Seaside will lead us through a wonderful musical evening and will be assisted by a number of guest artists. The audience will be able to sing along to well-known sing-along melodies and will be treated to a closing concert with Effy Simon, Ian Janes (CA), Hilma & Martin Lönegren during 4 weeks.

Read the press release here. (in Swedish)

Photo from top left: Astrid Lagerstedt, Nathaniel Cole, Press, Private

effy simon, Hilma, Martin Lönegren