Lovisa Niklasson photo Alice Eklund

Lovisa Niklasson live sessions

During May Lovisa Niklasson released 3 live sessions of her songs on her YouTube channel. The songs Lovisa recorded live are “Golvet I Hallen” which she participated in the SVT program “Songland” with, which Oscar Zia chose and released, and the other 2 is “Kärleken Slår För Hårt” and “Skyttegravar” from Lovisas debut EP.

Make sure to watch the live sessions below.
Golvet I Hallen (Oscar Zia cover)
Lyrics & Music: Carl Falk, Joakim Berg, Lovisa Niklasson, Oscar Zia
Kärleken Slår För Hårt
Lyrics & Music: Lovisa Niklasson
Lyrics & Music: Lovisa Niklasson

Video & Directing: Fabian Svorono
Guitarr: Adam Olofsson


Photo: Alice Ekelund

Lovisa Niklasson