namelle photo agnes strand

Make Music Matter!

Today we are in Växjö at the event “Jobb i Musikbranschen” that Make Music Matter! has arranged together with us, Tim Bergling Foundation, Signatur, Linnéuniversitetet, STIM, Musik i Blekinge, Växjö Municipality, Växjö Culture school, Studio17, Bergendahlska Gården & Araby Park Arena.

A day full of activities and lectures for young people interested in music. The aim is to give children and young people the opportunity to try out and develop their musical skills and to inspire and showcase different careers in the field of music. See the full schedule here.

The event will offer hands-on activities in DJing, different musical instruments, music production, recording, etc. In addition, there will be lectures on music rights and how to get paid for your music, what an A&R is, how a record label and a music publishing company work, what a manager does, how to become a professional songwriter, and what a music influencer is and how to succeed with your social media.

The day ends with an “Open Stage” where local young talents in different music genres have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and get professional feedback backstage about their music and performance.

We have Namelle here who will talk about how it is to be a professional songwriter and entrepreneur.


Photo: Agnes Strand