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Mollie Minott, Namelle & The Dimpker Brothers all together

Mollie Minott, Namelle & the Dimpker Brothers are coming to Oskarshamn, and the event LIVE-Thursday on July 25th! This year, week 30 is a special summer week when Oskarshamn and the whole county will be visited by orienteers in connection with O-Ringen. It will be a wonderful mini-festival when the three Småland-based artists offer the audience both their own songs and guest each other to create a unique musical experience.

“I’m so looking forward to coming home and playing for the Oskarshamn audience again. Sharing the stage with Mollie Minott and Dimpker Brothers feels extra special, as we started this whole journey together,” says artist Namelle.

The event starts at 6pm and, as with all LIVE-Thursdays, the event is free of charge.
It’s organized by Oskarshamn Municipality, Attraktiva Oskarshamn and Talentcoach, who have booked the artists for the evening.

Photo from top left: Karl Hovis Hovmark, Agnes Strand, Elaine Lilje

dimpker brothers, Mollie Minott, Namelle