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Musik på Larmtorget 2023

Musik på Larmtorget is back again with 6 dates, and we got the honorable assignment to put on all support acts also this year!

-“This is an amazing opportunity for our acts to play at this appreciated event in the heart of Kalmar during the summer.”

Here is the full schedule presented:
June 3rd – Headline Anderas Johnsson, Support Hilma
June 10th – Headline Slowgold, Support Starur
June 16th – Headline Syster Sol, Support Peter Åberg
September 2nd – Headline Stefan Sundström, Support Gravy Train
September 9th – Headline Patrik Isaksson, Support Lovisa Niklasson
September 16th – Headline Nike Sellmar, Support Sabina Thurner

You can read the press release here.
And the first event is just a few days away!

 Photo: Private (Hilma the first act out)

Hilma, Lovisa Niklasson, starur