Ida Gratte photo Moa Foss & Ida Hammar

Ida Gratte – Vi Måste Prata

Today Ida Gratte released her single “Vi Måste Prata”, and you can listen to it here.
It’s about a friendship that you don’t want to end but that you don’t feel good about.
“I want the song to encourage people to dare to talk honestly and question friendships. And I want to prove that you can have nursery rhymes in a serious song, haha.”
Written together with Cajsa Grill
Production together with Agnes Hjalmarsson
Mix: Agnes Hjalmarsson
Master: Frida Claeson Johansson
Photo/Video/Cover: Moa Foss & Ida Hammar
Sisterhood Studio
Recorded in Baggpipe Studios with a live band
Drums: Isak Jakobsson
Bas: Pontus Soini
Acustic guitar: Ida Gratte
Electric guitar: Filip Bååth
Piano/Synth/Keys: Gustaf Forsberg Liminga
Backround singers: Lovisa Strindell, Elin Tirén Vilhelmsson, Pauline Bardou & Angèle Bardou

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