Dimpker brothers björn Ulvaeus photo Teodor Mattsson

Dimpker Brothers on Dutch Television

Dimpker Brothers made their TV debut this weekend on the national Dutch TV called NPO and about 1.4 million people watched it! Another program is coming up but you can watch the first episode here.

This is the outline for the program: The three friends Nick, Simon, and Kees travel to Sweden, the homeland of ABBA, and they stay over at Benny Andersson’s hotel in Stockholm. They are looking for two female voices who can play the roles of Agnetha and Frida during the final musical session. Then they travel on to Västervik, the birthplace of Björn, where he also runs a hotel with his daughter. Västervik is a breeding ground for many Swedish musicians and they meet up with singer-songwriter duo the Dimpker Brothers.

Photo: Teodor Mattsson

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