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Voting has started for P4 Nästa

Now it’s time to put your vote on your favorite artists In P4 Nästa Kalmar! We have Emanuel Boigs, Ida Gratte, Vionavega, and Leo Hertzberg from our roaster and Clara Rubensson from Oskarshamn that you can choose from. The listeners have half of the power and the judges the rest, so make sure to send a text to the one that you wish will win!

Finalist 1: Drömmare – Emanuel Boigs (voting code: låt1)
Finalist 2: Delirious – Vionavega (voting code: låt2)
Finalist 3: Irreplaceable – Clara Rubensson (voting code: låt3)
Finalist 4: Sanden – Leo Hertzberg (voting code: låt4)
Finalist 5: Om du bor kvar – Ida Gratte (voting code: låt5)

Vote for your favorite NOW here!

Photo from top left: Enamuel Boigs – Jacob Meijer, Vionavega – Oskar Bergman, Ida Gratte – Margaux Souchon, Leo Hertzberg – Anna Hertzberg Holgersson

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