ida gratte januari börja året photo paula bardou

Ida Gratte – Januari börja året

On March 26th Ida Gratte released her first single of 2024, the song is called “Januari börja året” and you can listen to it on all digitalt plattforms. Here is the link for Spotify.

-“a very special song for me is released. In it you hear how I feel after a long and cold winter, with darkness not only in the form of lack of sun and energy but also because of wars, injustices and environmental destruction around us. But even though that sentence and the beginning of the song may seem dark, it’s the hope I want you to feel when you listen to it. We must not give up now! And as I sit there in my kitchen on the wide windowsill, taking in the birdsong, seeing people walking by with smiles on their faces, hearing the toasts and laughter from the outdoor cafes, I feel like it’s going to be okay. Maybe only for a little while, but that little moment I hold on tight! And wrote a song about it.”

Photo: Paula Bardou

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