musik på larmtorget 2024 photo Destination Kalmar

Musik på Larmtorget 2024

Lia Larsson, Eric Gadd, Junie, Lisa Ajax, Timo Räisänen and Staffan Hellstrand. These are this year’s main acts at Musik på Larmtorget. There will be a total of six concerts on Saturdays in the early and late summer. Each concert begins with a support act appointed by us, the artist development program Talentcoach. Read the full press release here.

Here is the lineup:
June 1st
Main act: Lia Larsson
Support: Ooooklart (Dalapop)

June 8th
Main act: Eric Gadd
Support: Effy Simon

June 15th
Main act: Junie
Support: Ida Gratte

August 24th
Main act: Lisa Ajax
Support: Julia Siraj (Dalapop)

August 31st
Main act: Timo Räisänen
Support: Starur

September 14th
Main Act: Staffan Hellstrand
Support: Esplanaden

We are happy and proud to once again have the opportunity to put all support acts to Musik på Larmtorget. It makes a real difference for our acts, says Sara at Talentcoach

Photo: Borrowed from Destination Kalmars FB page

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