photo rhys kentish unsplash

We are going back to The Great Escape!

Between May 15th until the 18th the showcase festival The Great Escape will take place in Brighton, UK. We are back with a new team at the ÅÄÖ…Sounds Swedish initiative with Swedish acts and organizations. This year will we (Talentcoach) host the event together with Argle Bargle Studios, Lucille Group, Export Music Sweden and Sensus.

And the acts we are bringing over are the following:
Ludwig Hart
The Indigo Echoes
Velvet Moon

Please join us for the speed meeting hosted by Export Music Sweden and the the mingle at Kooks on Thursday May 16th, and our showcase on Friday May 17th between 12-4pm. Read more about the festival here.

Photo: Rhys Kentish, Unsplash

the indigo echoes