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Press release for ÅÄÖ Sounds Swedish

Adée, Bluephox, Felin, and Pomona Drema are ready for the Great Escape!

We’re really looking forward to playing at The Great Escape! We love playing live and it’s a dream come true to play in the UK. We’ve heard many great things about the festival and there are so many other awesome artists in the line-up! We haven’t played much live in the last few years, so it’s going to be magical to get back on stage at such a big event,” says Sandra Bang, lead singer of Pomona Dream.

Swedish music is represented on the stage ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish which takes place on Friday the 13th of May. Here, festival-goers will have the opportunity to experience an exciting mix of live concerts and also meet the artists behind the music. Live on stage will be soul and RnB artist Adée from Öland, the honored pop diamond Bluephox from Södermalm, the Gothenburg-based Pomona Dream spreading warmth with their funkadelic pop sound, and critically acclaimed indie rock act Felin who previously appeared on Idol.

ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish is a showcase collaboration with a focus on Swedish music. The collaboration started in 2019 with a stage at The Alternative Escape and has also been performed at SXSW and The Great Escape Online during the pandemic. Behind the initiative are Talentcoach, Sensus study association, Westside Music Sweden and SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter). At this year’s event in Brighton, the organizations are also inviting you to a mingle on Thursday evening.

With this joint initiative, we want to offer Swedish acts a venue outside Sweden’s borders, and at the same time showcase the talent that exists within our various organizations,” says Sara Westerberg at Talentcoach.

ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish is organized by:
Talentcoach gives artists, producers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, and creators in the music industry the tools to build a sustainable career in music. Talentcoach is the organizer of Live at Heart Southeast, a showcase festival and industry event on the southeast coast of Sweden.Westside Music Sweden is a company that works with music companies and artists from Västra Götaland. Westside also produces the international club festival and music conference Viva Sounds during the first weekend in December, in Gothenburg.

Sensus supports Swedish bands and artists on their way to a music career. Together, the student associations are recognized as an important part of Sweden’s success in the global music industry – by providing rehearsal and recording studios, coaching, and live concerts.

SOM (Swedish Independent Music Producers) brings together more than 300 independent record companies in Sweden and has organized the Manifest Gala annually since 2003. The association also organizes workshops and panels related to independent activities and the music industry.

Here you can read the press release in Swedish.

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