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Scen Måndag

Scen Måndag is a concept we started together with Stormblad last spring, and we want to create a place with live music but also a meeting point for students, companies, and others that are interested in or just like music. This is an event that is open to everyone and it’s also free of charge! And the event has been taking place on the first Monday of each month, and we still have two events left. Monday the 7th of November and the 5th of December before this year ends.

Here is a link to the next event!

We want to welcome you all to a night with live music and a place to grab a drink and hang out with your friends! Join us and Stormblad at Scen Måndag at Teater Vallen from 5pm. This evening we also have the artist Hilma on stage, and you don’t want to miss this!

With her roots in the forest of Småland and her head high up among the clouds, Hilma wants to touch her listeners with lyrics and melodies straight from the heart.
“I write about being human. About feeling alone, even though I have so many people around me. About being lost, somewhere between young and adult, between dreams and reality. About the heart that hurts. About stopping feeling and about feeling everything. About longing to be away but at the same time home. I want to tell you exactly what I feel if you’ll listen.”
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