Adriana Gimolli

Ardiana Gimolli

Ardiana Gimolli

Ardiana Gimolli is a 19 year old soul/rnb artist

As a one-year-old, she sang herself to sleep, as a nine-year-old published her first cover on Youtube and at the age of 12 she got her first piano and started writing her own songs. Ardiana always has her typical soul / R’n’B sound with her. She draws inspiration to her music creation from different genres, films, series, books and from real life. The dream is to be able to live on the music and have the opportunity to tour and get in touch with the audience. “I want to spread a powerful message with my songs and I want my songs to awaken the feelings of the listener”. Ardiana just started releasing her own music which can be found on all digital platforms.

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