dimpker brothers photo Sara westerberg

The Great Escape festival

Thank you Dimpker Brothers for making our job so much fun at The Great Escape Festival and joining us on our stage ÅÄÖ Sounds Swedish!
We started having a good crowd at our mingle on Thursday at Kooks, and lots of Swedes came by and also many other music business people from all over the world. Then on Friday, we hosted our showcase at Three Wise Cats with the 4 acts we brought, Dimpker Brothers, Sötnos, Nathan Aeli & DULL and all of them also had a good audience during the day. 
Then the Dimpker Brothers also did a second show on Saturday at Jubilee Square and wow, the crowd was amazing! Cheering, clapping, and screaming during their set. After that, they also drow down to London for an additional show together with Our Man In The Field, which also was great for them.
This is an initiative that we do together with Sensus Musik, Westside Music Sweden, SOM – Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter & ALOADED
Thank you all who were involved somehow, now we are filled with new energy!
Photo: Sara Westerberg

dimpker brothers