P4Nästa Evelyne Photo Christian Gustafsson Starur photo TindraEnglund

Vote for Evelyne & Starur in P4 Nästa

Now you can vote for your favorite artist in P4 Kalmar’s local final of the music competition P4 Nästa! Five acts are competing and have the chance to make it to the big national final.
You as a listener have half the power to select the local winner and the other half is a jury.

To vote, text the finalist’s voting code to 72020 or call 099-118 0X [replacing X with the finalist’s starting number]. You can vote a maximum of 10 times per subscription and voting round. The cost is 1SEK per vote + any traffic fees.

Here are Evelyn´s & Starur´s voting codes:
Finalist 4: Evelyne – Drömmarna Vid Liv (voting code 1804) Call 099-118 04 or text 1804 till 72020
Finalist 5: Starur – I Am Not In Love With You (voting code 1805) Call 099-118 05 or text 1805 till 72020

You can also read more and listen to the artist here.
Direct link to Evelyne & Starur.


Photo Evelyne: Oscar Gustafsson
Photo Starur: Tindra Englund

Evelyne, starur