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We are bringing The Indigo Echoes to the UK

Since 2029 we have been a part of the initiative ÅÄÖ…Sounds Swedish which is a meeting place that highlights Swedish music in an international context. Here, festival visitors will have the opportunity to experience live concerts in an exciting mix of genres and also meet the artists behind the music. Behind the 2024 initiative are Talentcoach, Argle Bargle Studios, Lucille Group, Export Music Sweden and Sensus studieförbund. At this year’s event in Brighton, the organizations also invite the industry to a mingle on Thursday evening as in previous years, but already earlier that day, Export Music Sweden hosts a speed meeting where the international industry gets the chance to meet the Swedish industry.

The Great Escape is the festival for new music, showcasing 500 emerging artists from all over the world in 30+ walkable venues across the city and on Brighton Beach. It’s the first place to discover your new favorite artist and see them in an intimate setting before they go on to headline major festival stages. The festival takes place from May 15th-18th and is one of Europe’s most important meeting places for the international music industry.

We are bringing The Indigo Echoes based in Hultsfred with us to the UK in May, and we are so excited! Other acts are Ludwig Hart, Honey. & Velvet Moon.

Read the full press release here (in Swedish).

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